Hur skapar vi hållbara arbetsplatser?

Av Prof. Ulrike Rahe & Prof. Holger Wallbaum – Chalmers

Studies show that in a bad office environment, employees are often uninspired and prone to sickness. This has to do with everything from interior design to bad indoor environmental quality. Productivity decreases, while sick leave, energy expenses and greenhouse gas emissions increase. Something has to change to bring the end to speculation over what makes a good office!

Smart Sustainable Offices (SSO) is a science-based method developed by world leading researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in collaboration with other European research institutes and supported by the Climate-KIC.
The opinions of the employees are gathered through methodic instruments such as questionnaires, workshops and interviews. And during one to two weeks, all employees write a “logbook” via a simple digital application.

The employee feedback and the office user insights are combined with thorough technical measurements to get a holistic picture of the demands and needs for interventions. Further, SSO offers past-intervention evaluations in comparative analysis as well as continuous assessment studies. With all the facts on the table, and based on a reliable scientific ground and a pan-European database, the future office can be designed based on concrete conditions unique to each workplace and be easily adapted if needs change.
The results clearly show the profits of a smarter office: better health, more happiness and stimulation and higher personal development as well as organizational outcome. Through Smart Sustainable Offices, collaborators have access to the latest research, and therefore, planning security for developing their own future working environment.